Il Cancelliere is located in the heart of Montemarano, in an area particularly suitable for the production of Taurasi. The company was founded by Soccorso Romano, from which he inherits the nickname, and is family-run. It is born from the desire to valorise the fruits of their own land and work by rediscovering the ancient peasant traditions. The cellar rises in the cottage of the Romano family and is surrounded by the vineyards from which the prestigious Aglianico is obtained. Vineyards use the experience of Soccorso and his wife and the agronomic knowledge of his son Enrico. The winemaking process is based on the peasant art of wine, which Soccorso learned from his father, in collaboration with the winemaker Antonio di Gruttola. In the cellar is mainly used wood not new in order to exalt the scents and aromas that characterize the grapes of this territory.